Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Achievements of Aligarh Movement

The war of independence of 1857 ended the Muslim rule in South Asia. The British had  taken over the leadership of the     sub-continent. They blamed Muslims for the outbreak of the war of independence. Thus, Muslims became their victims and were denied of     their religious, social, political and economic rights. In these circumstances, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan came forward to rescue Muslims. He started a movement, which is commonly known as the Aligarh Movement. The main objectives of this movement were:-
  • To create general awareness among the Muslims that they are no more the rulers of South Asia. They should accept this reality.
  • To create goodwill relations with the British. Sir Syed Ahmed tried to convince British that Muslims alone were not responsible for the war of independence. The Hindus and other non-Muslims of South Asia also fought it. Now Muslims are equally loyal to them like other Indians.  
  • Sir Syed was fully convinced that unless Muslims received modern and scientific education they would remain backward. This was the reason that he established a Scientific Society in 1862.
Achievements of Aligarh Movement:

Aligarh Movement worked to awaken the Muslims of South Asia. A number of keynote Muslim     leaders like Nawab Viqar ul Muluk, Nawab Mohsin ul Mulk, Moulana Shibli Naumani, and Moulana Altaf Hussain Hali played an important     role in the success of Aligarh Movement. Following are the main features of the movement.

Social Services: War of Independence of 1857 brought sufferings and miseries for the Muslims. They were destroyed politically,     socially and economically. Whereas, the Hindus took advantage of that situation and hold important positions in the British Govt. Sir Syed     wrote his famous books “The Causes of the Indian revolt” and “The Loyal Mohammedans Of India”. Through these books he tried to bring     an understanding between the Muslims and British. With his efforts, the ban on the employment of Muslims was relaxed. Muslim     properties, which were confiscated after the war, were returned to them.

Educational Services: Sir Syed was of the view that only modern education would help in the progress & development of Muslims. He established Scientific Society with a purpose to translate western books in Urdu. Sir Syed also established a school in Aligarh on the     model of Cambridge University London. Later, that school was raised to the level of a college named M.A.O College Aligarh.

Conclusion: The Aligarh Movement became the source of revival and strength for the Muslims of South Asia. It led the Muslims to     reshape their future. It also provided the foundation for the Two-Nation Theory.


  1. I am very upset because our educational system, I even didn't buy a book online in Pakistan, because no one is thinking about it. Everyone busy in making money. We have to start a movement again like Aligarh to educate our youth and children.